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Tourism Youth Perceptions Research Report


To attract more young people into our tourism and hospitality sector, research has been undertaken to better understand what they think of the industry.


The Tourism Youth Perceptions Research Report is for tourism industry employers and industry educators to help develop strategies to attract young people, and effectively retain and develop these young people into sustainable career pathways in the sector.


One of the findings indicates that while young people studying and working in tourism are largely positive, young people outside the industry have perceptions which are less positive.


This in the face of skills shortages faced by tourism employers in Auckland and in popular destinations across New Zealand.


Some of the recommendations to get more young people into the tourism industry are:

  • Build the tourism blue print – play to the industry’s strengths and underline the pros of working in the industry
  • Create the buzz – develop a long-term communication campaign that speaks the youth’s language
  • Engage the influencers – talk up tourism in schools and incorporate it in the curriculum
  • Reduce churn and retain experience – promote industry advancement opportunities to current talent
  • Attract and mentor bright young New Zealanders – encourage employers to offer internships and on-the-job mentoring for undecided school leavers or tertiary students seeking part-time employment


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