Donna – driven by carpentry apprenticeship


Donna - Driven by carpentry apprenticeship


We love seeing young women thriving in the trade industry, and Donna Hazelman is doing just that.


Currently the only woman in her team, Donna is working as a carpentry apprentice for Matthew Construction on the Haydn + Rollett construction site in Wynyard Quarter. Donna says she loves the fast-paced environment and is excited to learn new things and develop in her role.


With a growing passion for the trade industry, Donna’s aspirations for a trade career began when she landed her first labouring job. She says she loved the atmosphere and after finishing the job decided to find a trade that was right for her.


Donna was drawn to carpentry and began a course at NZMA.  They connected Donna with the CBD Jobs and Skills Hub and that’s when things started moving for her.


Donna told the hub team that she was passionate about doing a carpentry apprenticeship, and three days after meeting with Work Broker, Simon Faga, she started at Matthew Construction.


As the only girl-tradie on the team, Donna says she’s driven to work hard and prove herself. “Getting things running is hard, it’s all go, go, go and it’s something to get used to... it’s a different world up there,” she says.


Her confidence in the field has grown over time, especially, with the help and guidance of skilled carpenters that she buddies with at Matthew Construction.


Donna says that while the physical side of the job can get tough, it’s important to be positive, have self-confidence and to not let anyone under-estimate you. She doesn’t let anyone think she’s different to anyone else and gets stuck into all the heavy lifting, weatherproofing, vape shielding and timber framing.


Donna says it would be great to see more women in the trade industry as they add great value to the team. Her approach and drive to get her apprenticeship has been a real inspiration and she says that she’d tell anyone looking for an apprenticeship to go through the CBD Jobs and Skills Hub.