Sue – making her mark


Sue - Making her mark


Well known for her active and outgoing personality, Sue Marsters told the CBD Jobs and Skills team that she was after something that would keep her on the go.


She has fitted right in as storeperson at STOMP Consultants, working at New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) with Fletcher Construction.


When the hub team offered her a role of labourer she took it, and says that it has helped her rebuild her skills and knowledge of the industry and has set her up to achieve her future goal of moving into management.


“It’s been such a real refresher being in this role, as it took me back to grass-roots work. This placement has helped me build my skills to become a better supervisor and better leader for when I get the chance to step up,” she says.


As a woman in an industry mostly dominated by men, Sue says that her female perspective and stance add great value to the industry. “I believe that women are more than capable of holding service roles in the construction industry,” she says.


In her current role, she feels respected and values the trust her employers have in her to get the job done. Sue has not only learnt a lot about the industry but has also been able to complete certificates and upskill – opportunities she says have great benefits for her development and goals.