Looking for work?

Auckland’s city centre is booming, which means lots of new jobs.

Employers are looking for hardworking and energetic people with a range of experience – from entry level to more skilled workers.

The CBD Jobs and Skills Hub is here to connect you with employers and jobs that match your skills and interests. If you don’t have experience, that’s ok, there are plenty of entry-level positions where you can get training and learn on the job. We’ll also keep in touch and support you when you’ve got a job.

You’ll need to have a great attitude and be able to get to work in Auckland’s city centre. If that sounds like you, then let’s get started!

Rikki – all set for the future


We welcomed 17-year-old Rikki Russ-Kite knowing that he was looking for a job that would set him up for the future and make his parents proud.

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